The Bubba Project

Welcome to the Bubba project!

This is Chewie,
aka Bubba


86297090_2515446055441496_5047062923327832064_nChewie belongs to Jamie and lives in Canada


Chewie’s had his surgery and is healing up really well!

“About a year ago we discovered a small lump on the back of Chewies ear, thinking it was only a mosquito bite or something of the sort we brushed it off and decided to keep an eye on it just in case. Months passed and the lump wasnt going away, it seemed to be getting bigger and Chewie was becoming extremely upset when we came near his ear, immediately running away when we tried to touch it. This was really hard to accept that something could be seriously wrong with him, as he had been my rock through my severe PTSD for 5 years.

Cancer immediately crossed my mind and I made an appointment to see the vet and get him checked out. The day of the appointment came and it was confirmed that chewy had developed a tumor inside the back of his ear and needed to be removed immediately before it could cause any more harm, as it was already causing him much discomfort and pain in the area. He had his blood work done to be sure he was healthy enough for surgery and scheduled for the surgery for 2 days later.

It was heartbreaking seeing him afterwards with shaved ears with bloodied stitches, but relieving to see that he was doing well. He is a tough little guy who hasnt let it bring him down, He continues to be my rock and support regardless of his pain and I hope that the tumor will never come back and he can live a long and healthy rest of his life with me.

I paid 1000$ (CAD) towards the vet bills the day of his blood work but there is still another 2000$ (CAD) to go. The vet has been very understanding and have given me the time to make the money and pay it back because they have known and loved chewy for as long as I have, I cant thank them enough for their kindness.”

— Jamie Masotti

85097315_10158113470181392_243647713676099584_nStorybook Doggy and Kitty in 3D printed Resin! To help with Chewie’s vet bill, Jamie and I have teamed up to bring you a limited edition run of Of Butterflies and Thing’s Storybook Anthro dolls, of 20 dolls.
We’ve picked Doggy, Kitty and Wolfie, with the male and female bodies for this project.

— Arwen (Of Butterflies and Things)

3D previews:





85140874_601344204049772_7331401284693524480_n copy
Storybook Wolfie male

2020-02-03 21_59_43-Greenshot

2020-02-03 21_57_31-Greenshot

2020-02-03 21_58_59-Greenshot

85218085_238590870475777_5814789177891356672_nDoggy female & Kitty male What’s included:

1x 10cm doll (fully strung)
(with choice of 3 colors: white, grey & black)

with 1 animal head (choice of Wolfie, Doggy or Kitty)
and 1 Storybook body (choice of male & female) with cat or dog paws
and 1 set of eyes fitting the chosen head. (in white)

1 paper CoA
1 special Bubba Event Dog Tag

Only 20 event dolls available!

Special Bubba Event Dog Tag


White, grey and black resin

Price: $60 (+shipping)

shipping to Canada & USA: $15
rest of the world: $20
ships from Canada

After deducting actaul material production costs (resin & packaging),
all proceeds go straight to the vet bill

Jamie is donating her time and energy and 3D printing expertise. And I’m donating my time and energy, and lending out my models for this special project.

To order contact Jamie on facebook
or contact Arwen on facebook
Or email us here:


Of Butterflies and Things website

Storybook Dolls Facebook Page

Friends of Storybook Dolls Facebook Group

I hope people will help out with our project. Chewie is a great dog and he makes Jamie very happy. And that makes me, as Jamie’s friend, very happy indeed.

— Arwen (Of Butterflies and Things)