Dolls that I own

These are my dolls (I’ll add pix later):

Hime (version 2): is a Luts Event Head on a Dollinian Girl (SD)
Yoko: is a Luts Shiwoo (mod) head on an Domuya Flexi Girl (SD)
Tatsu: is a Luts KDF Cherry (boy) (MSD)
Nana (aka Nanatsu): is a Luts KDF Ani (girl) (MSD)
Dai: is a AnotherSectret Tuesday Head on a Obitsu 45cm
Raiden: is a HZ Wang Ye head on an Fdoll boy (SD)
Alucard: is a Castlevania Alucard Minimee Head on a Happydoll boy (SD)
Audrey: is an Audrey Hepburn Minimee Head on a DiM new version SD female
Frodo: is a Souldoll Hong Ryeon Head on a Iplehouse JID boy (MSD)
Pepper: is a Luts head on a homemade female body (SD)
312: is a Souldoll Souloid boy
Emma: is a Doll Chateau Alberta (4 legged)
Emily: is a Doll Chateau Ada (4 legged)

MiroDoll family:
Legolas:62cm male with MnM head (Legolas at the moment)
Fuyuko: 58cm female (WS) with DollFamilyH practice head
Wyntear: MSD boy (WS) with Luts KDF ’12 wintery event head.
MSD girl with Luts KDF Muuro head

Multi headers:
Soom Super Gem male (65cm)
Dream Realm male (72cm)
5Star SD boy
Loki: Loki Minimee on Dollshe ‘old’ body (70cm)

plus foating heads.

Edit: Urg, this list is so not up to date, sorry!


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