Dolls and heads that I’ve made


Mostly this is still under construction but here is a short list of finished items:

Minimee heads: 
Robert D. jr
Spock (Nimoy)

Cherub body (26cm, Yo-SD)
Troll ‘Torben’ (10cm, tiny)
Twig Spirit ‘Grisha’ & ‘Gunilla’ (26cm, tiny)
Rubenesque (56cm, SD)
Heads for Rubenesque:
Claudette, Paulette & Nicolette
Story Book boy and girl body (MSD, 38cm)
Anthro heads  for Strory Book bodies:
Monkey, Foxy, Birdy, Ducky, Kitty, Beary, Deery, Mousy, Wolfie & Froggy


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