2 thoughts on “OfButterfliesAndThings: 3×03 buying doll shoes

  1. 1. All the shoes I saw were in patent leather. Are there suede shoes for dolls? (No danger of someone stepping on them!) And sneakers?
    2. It’s incredible somebody can make such shoes for 20-30 Euros. I mean this is not mass production. Any idea of issue size? Hours involved?

    • 1. Fake patent leather 😉 Suede is much harder to fake, so it’s less common. As an alternative the do make canvas shoes, and they can be lovely too. And they are more colorful.

      2. The ones I showed are “mass production”; somewhere in china is a small factory that makes them (about 1:3 of live size, I think :p )

      Some of the shoes (not the ones I’ve shown) are very basic in their construction. Very pretty to see, but if they were live size, a human couldn’t walk in them. In the end it’s all for show.

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