New Merbaby with the new Ilva head:

New Merbaby with the new Ilva head:Image00001

26 cm tall (from top of the head to the end of the tail)
head size: 4.5-5 inch
eyes: 10mm
Ilva is a 3D printed doll, and the material is hard, tough, paper white Nylon. This material is stronger than resin, and won’t break or chip easily. It can be much more easily painted and dyed than resin, though. You can even use permanent markers on it without ruining it. (But do buy good markers; I advice Letraset ProMarker)
I plan to have her for sale soon.
There will be a DIY version available at my Shapeways store (DIY in this case means that you ONLY get the Nylon parts there. She will need stringing and I CAN’T include elastic or S hooks or anything else there.)
The strung version will also be available, and will have to go through me, meaning that the shipping will go up dramatically. There is nothing I can do about this. I can also a give her a basic dye job.

Image00004 Image00005 Image00006 Image00003 Image00002 Image00017 Image00016 Image00015 Image00014 Image00011 Image00010 Image00007

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