1960s A-line dress for Yoko

010 34181960s retro A-line dress in light grey with black stripes and bows.

A classic A-line dress to paint the town red in. How can your SD girl not want to go dancing when you dress her this stylishly? She will beg you to dance through the night.

1 top
2 loose sleeves
1 A-line skirt
1 tulle underskirt (black)

This dress fits SD sized girls with medium to large breads. It has been tried out on DiM v2 female (medium bust), Domuya flexi girl (in photo, medium-small bust) and Mirodoll female (larger bust). It closes with snaps at the waits of the skirt which can be relocated for a better fit. The top is fitted with elastic, as are the sleeves.
(Outfit can be put on without removing the doll’s head)

Now for sale on Etsy!

010 3419

010 3424

010 3427

010 3431

010 3436

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