Cheeky devil outfit for Raiden (Fdoll SD boy)

K02 0252
Taffeta lace-up with red metro-sexual organza!

This one-of-a-kind outfit is the best statement by your 60 cm Boy to strut around in style. 3 shades of red, divided over the 3 parts of this ensemble, create a warm and luxury feel that your boy deserves. Does your Nobility Muscular Girl like to wear pants? She will look stunning, as the lace-up is fully adjustable. Combine colours with your favourite boots and hairstyle, and you are ready to show your boy (or girl) the town.

Consists of:
1 organza blouse
1 corset with black lacing
1 pants

This outfit fits male dolls in the 60-62cm range. It is modeled here by my Fdoll Boy, and will fit any doll of similar size.
It also fits Nobilitydoll’s Muscular girl (see the last photos)
Now for sale on Etsy! 

K02 0239 K02 0243 K02 0244 K02 0245 K02 0247 K02 0250 K02 0251 =========================================
And this is how it looks on Lucy (ND60cmMuscularGirl)

K02 1579

K02 1580

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