Ballgown for SD girl

OK02 1453
n a bed of lush pink flowers!

Gorgeous fairy-tale dress for your SD, 60cm female loved-one. She will look her very best with this unique soft pink cotton with a unprecedentedly elaborate embroidered flower-scape.

As all of the Butterfly and Things’ designs, this is a one-time only outfit, making your doll ready for the royal occasion, or simply at a private party with her best friends.
Consists of:
1 dress
1 underskirt

This dress fits SD sized girls with medium to large breads. It has been tried out on DiM v2 female (medium bust), Unidoll newer female (in photo, medium-small breasts) and Mirodoll female (larger bust). It closes with snaps in the back which can be relocated for a better fit.


Now for sale on Etsy! 

K02 1451


K02 1455

K02 1454

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